Dr Susan Lim: Making An Impact on Lives Overseas

 Attended to victims of the Bali bombing incident in October 2005. Dr Susan Lim was mentioned in the House of Representatives, Official Hansard, Parliamentary Debates, Commonwealth of Australia, 10 October 2005 for the surgical care she provided to the victims.

  1. Saving the life of a UAE national. The story of Dr Lim’s life-saving work on a young UAE National who was air evacuated to Singapore for emergency care was reported in a Singapore Medicine Publication “Reaching Out, Touching Lives”. The contribution by the patient was in recognition of Dr Lim’s dedicated care entitled “Dr Lim, My Second Mummy”.

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Dr Susan Lim Endowment for Education and Research

As of October 2017, a new Scholarship is offered at Churchill College. Read More about this and other scholarships and grants on the Endowment website.